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Boutique Africaine™ Marketplace

Established in 2016, we're more than just an online platform – we're a global community passionate about showcasing the richness and beauty of African-inspired clothing, home & living items, accessories, arts and crafts.

Colorful Dress
Colorful Dress


Our mission goes beyond commerce; we're dedicated to empowering artisans and supporting sustainable fashion practices. By connecting consumers with authentic African-inspired fashion, we strive to promote cultural appreciation, economic empowerment, and social impact.

We're committed to helping the world discover the beauty of African craftsmanship and find inspiration and authenticity.

Cheerful Dancer


Our vision is to be the premier destination for African-inspired fashion and accessories, serving as a global hub where culture meets couture and celebrate the diversity, artistry, and heritage of African fashion while fostering economic empowerment and cultural exchange

Cheerful Dancer

The Story

Founded by Franck Hounsokou in Edmonton, Canada, Boutique Africaine® is an online marketplace for African inspired items that came about when the founder was looking for a blazer with African prints for an event and couldn’t find one readily available.

How it works

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