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La Boutique Africaine [FRENCH]


La Boutique Africaine est une market place dédiée à l’achat et la vente de vêtements, accessoires et objets de décoration pour la maison d’inspiration africaine.

Boutique Africaine: A New Site for African Merchandise

Boutique Africaine, a platform to buy and sell ethnic, African-inspired clothing, accessories, and home decor items has launched. Much like Etsy, the platform will allow consumers to connect directly with the creators of the products they seek.

Coming soon: the Etsy of African and ethnic apparel


Shoppers frustrated by an inability to find trendy ethnic clothing will soon been able to access all manner of African inspired apparel via a new platform designed to connect buyers and sellers.

How Boutique Africaine plans to be the Etsy of African-fashion


The recent boom of online African shopping destinations has provided African designers and entrepreneurs with a host of new opportunities. From luxury fashion designers who have found mainstream success in the international industry, to independent artisans with growing businesses, the world of African fashion is a diverse one — that spans the diaspora.

Découvrez la Boutique Africaine [FRENCH]


A partir du 11 Avril 2016, les amateurs de de mode d’inspiration africaine auront une nouvelle place de marché en ligne: celle-ci a choisi le nom plus qu’évocateur

New Online Marketplace for African-Inspired Fashion


Boutique Africaine connects buyers and sellers of apparel, accessories and home products.

Set to launch April 11, Boutique Africaine is a new, online platform for  buyers and sellers of African- and Diaspora-inspired apparel, home products and accessories worldwide.