5 Tips For Selling Effectivelly

Selling products online for a newbie can be challenging. Boutique africaine offers a platform that takes the stress out of building a e-commerce store, creating a digital and marketing strategy, managing payments ect but as a seller your main concern is to sell your ethnic, modern and eclectic products.

We have compiled these fundamental tips to help you sell your products efficiently and faster on our site.

Define a strategy.

Boutique africaine is the marketplace but you as a seller are a business person. Just like any business venture, you need to work out what your strategy is and how boutique africaine can help you achieve your targets.

Polish your pictures.

When presenting an item, be mindful of how the final picture looks. Some of the questions you should ask yourself when taking a picture are; Would I buy a product by looking at this picture that I took? Is the decorum adequate? Is the lighting perfect?

Take pride in customer service.

The common factor of all successful businesses is that they are all committed to providing their customers with a great service. Do not forget about the buyer as soon as you make a sale. Follow up to make sure they enjoy their product and create an outstanding experience.

Create a great delivery experience.

If you’re able to deliver effectively, you’ll increase the conversion rate of your page and encourage more repeat purchases. Delivery covers everything from the price you charge and the services you offer, through to what arrives in the parcel and how the parcel looks. It’s really important to invest some money and thought in your customers. We can help with fulfillment if needed. Just let us know.

Build a trusted brand.

Your store page on boutique africaine is your brand, a reflection of you.  Online shoppers are pretty savvy. They’re not going to buy from a seller that they don’t trust. You need to work hard on your product presentation and quality to build the trust of your customers. Ask for reviews and testimonials on your page, deliver on your promises and make sure all the information on your store page is accurate.

#Final Tip
Don’t be all over the place.

Focus on the quality of your products. It’s better to sell a single product very well than create 100 products that do not sell because of poor quality.